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Jeffrey P Okeson, DMD


Professor and Director
 Orofacial  Pain Center
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Group II: Understanding Orofacial Pain
Five Lectures #8 - #12

Lecture # 8 Introduction to Orofacial Pain: Understanding the Concepts and Complexity (65 min / 2016)

In this presentation, Dr. Okeson provides insight into the human pain experience. Pain is far more then a simple sensation and may not always be related to tissue injury. The functional anatomy of the brain will be described and how nociception is processed by the different brain and brainstem areas. Key points will center on the influence of the pain experience by factors such as anxiety, depression, emotional stress, attention, past memories and learned behavior. Viewers will also learn how basic human drives originating in the brain limbic structures can be associated with addictive behaviors.
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Lecture #9 Understanding the Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Orofacial Pain: The Peripheral Nervous System  (47 min / 2016)

It is well appreciated that tissue injury can lead to a pain experience. In this presentation Dr. Okeson discusses the peripheral mechanisms that are responsible for the nociception that leads to pain. Sensory organs in the skin, musculoskeletal, and visceral structures are reviewed along with their clinical functions and symptoms. The pathways that carry nociception are followed from the point of tissue injury into the spinal tract nucleus. Reflexes are reviewed that assist in carrying out the basic functions of the masticatory structures; chewing swallowing and speech.


Lecture #10 Understanding the Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Orofacial Pain: The Central Nervous System (42 min / 2016)

In this presentation Dr. Okeson follows the nociceptive pathway into the spinal tract nucleus and describes how the central nervous system responses, not only in the dorsal horn but also in the higher centers. The process of nociception and pain is explained and how the descending inhibitory system influences the ascending pathways. Major functional areas of the brain and brainstem are discussed and how they influence human pain and suffering.


Lecture #11 The History of Pain and Pain Concepts: Understanding Pain Modulations (45 min / 2016)

In this presentation Dr. Okeson discusses the many past and present concepts of pain.
He clarifies why pain is such a varied experience between individuals, even in the presence of similar tissue injury. The concept of pain modulation is highlighted and how it is expressed in the clinical setting. The mechanistic model of pain is compared to the biopsychosocial model and how they vary in acute and chronic pain conditions.  


Lecture #12 Understanding Pain Referral in the Head and Neck (65 min / 2016)

Each clinician must be able to understand where the patient's pain originates before a proper diagnosis and treatment can be selected. In this presentation, Dr. Okeson reviews why this may not always be an easy task. In some instances, the location the patient reports the pain is not the same area that needs to be treated. Dr Okeson presents the mechanisms of pain referral in a clinical manner that assists in appreciating this most important concept. Four simple clinical rules are presented that will help the clinician differentiate a true source of pain from a site of pain. Understanding these concepts is fundamental in managing any and all pain felt in the face. If you treat orofacial pain, this presentation is an absolute must.

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