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Jeffrey P Okeson, DMD


Professor and Director
 Orofacial  Pain Center
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Group V:  Evaluating and Managing other Orofacial Pain Disorders
Five Lectures #25 - #29

Lecture #25: Headache - Part 1: Migraine, Tension Type Headache and Medication Overuse Headache. (59 min / 2016)

With this lecture Dr. Okeson begins a series of five lectures that address the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain disorders other than temporomandibular disorders. In this lecture he discusses the clinical features and pathophysiology of two of the most common primary headache disorders; migraine and tension type headache. Along with these will be a discussion of medication over use headache which can be a complication when these headaches become chronic. You will learn how to differentiate these headaches according to their clinical symptoms and appreciate the differences in etiology. The treatment for each type of headache will be reviewed in detail so that the clinician can better understand his or her role as in the management of these most common pain complaints.


Lecture #26: Headache - Part 2: Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia
and Temporal Arteritis (55 min / 2016)

In this lecture Dr. Okeson describes the unique clinical features and management considerations of a group of headache disorders called trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias. Temporal arteritis will also be discussed along with treatment strategies.


Lecture #27: Neuropathic Pains - Part 1: Trigeminal Neuralgia and Entrapment Neuropathy (54 min / 2016)

This lecture begins a series of three lectures where Dr. Okeson will discuss a group of pain conditions that have their origin in the neurologic structures. They are relatively common in the face and neck and need to be identified so that proper treatment can be offered to the patient. In this lecture trigeminal neuralgia and entrapment neuropathy will be discussed and treatment strategies will be identified.

Lecture #28: Neuropathic Pains - Part 2: Neuritis and
other Continuous Neuropathic Pains (55 min / 2016)

In this lecture Dr. Okeson continues to discuss neuropathic pains and highlights the diagnosis and management of neuritis and other continuous neuropathic pains. Dr. Okeson also reviews several predominate concepts regarding the etiology of these continuous or persistent neuropathic pain disorders.


Lecture #29: Neuropathic Pains - Part 3: Continuous Dentoalveolar Pain,
Postherpetic Neuralgia and CRPS (61 min / 2016)

In this lecture Dr. Okeson discusses the diagnosis and management of a common neuropathic pain felt in the dentoalveolar structures. It is very important that every dentist appreciates this pain condition because it most commonly leads to over treatment of the dental structures.  Along with this neuropathic pain condition, postherpetic neuralgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome will be presented with management considerations.

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