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Jeffrey P Okeson, DMD


Professor and Director
 Orofacial  Pain Center
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Group VI: Other consideration of TMD and Orofacial Pain
Four Lectures #30 - #33


Lecture #30: Orthodontic Therapy and TM Disorders: Maintaining a Healthy
Masticatory System (65 min / 2016)

Over recent years there has been significant discussion regarding orthodontic therapy and TMD. Some individuals claim that orthodontic therapy causes TMD while others say orthodontic therapy has nothing to do with TMD. Still other individuals use orthodontic therapy to treat TMD. In this lecture Dr. Okeson discusses the concepts, sorts out all the data, and puts into perspective the relationships between orthodontic therapy and TMD. He also reviews the actions that should be taken when a patient reports TMD symptoms in the middle of active orthodontic treatment.


Lecture #31: Diagnostic Considerations of Non-Odontogenic Toothache
(62 min / 2016)
In this lecture Dr. Okeson presents information on one of the most common pain complaints in the dental office: toothache. Most toothaches have their origin in the pulpal tissues or periodontal structures. These odontogenic pains are managed well and predictably by dental therapies. Non-odontogenic toothaches, however, are often difficult to identify and can challenge the diagnostic ability of the clinician. The most important step towards proper management of toothache is to be suspicious that the pain may not be of dental origin.  Dr. Okeson uses this topic to bring much of this entire lecture series together. He highlights seven different sources of pain that can be felt in the teeth yet are unrelated to pulpal and periodontal structures. Understanding these sources of pain is essential in a dental practice. Keys to differentiating these pains from odontogenic pains will be presented so that the clinician can appropriately diagnosis and manage these conditions. This lecture is essential for all dentists.


Lecture #32: Occlusal Appliances: Science or Theory?
Types, Indications, Contraindications and Effects 
(70 min / 2016)

In this lecture Dr. Okeson presents a general overview of the use of occlusal appliances in the field of dentistry. He discusses the many different types of appliances and categorizes them according to their proposed uses. He describes the indications and contraindications for each. He then reviews the scientific evidence that exists to support their uses. In many instances, only anecdotal evidence exists, placing a great burden on the clinician to provide appropriate treatment. Dr. Okeson goes on to show many clinical cases that demonstrate the potential adverse effects that may occur with some appliances. The clinician must be aware of these undesirable effects in order to avoid them.

Lecture #33 The Use of Botox in Dentistry (52 min / 2016)

In this lecture Dr. Okeson explores the use of botulinum toxin for a variety of conditions that may present to the orofacial pain practitioner. He reviews the mechanism by which botulinum toxin affects muscle activity and discusses recent evidence suggesting a potential therapeutic affect on some neuropathic pain conditions. He describes and shows video clips of patients with a variety of medical conditions that can be helped with Botox. He reviews several types of oromandibular dystonias that can be managed with injections of botulinum toxin. Dr. Okeson also explains procedures for administrating Botox and demonstrates in video clips the injection techniques for several muscle groups. 

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